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Food done right: the French style

There are countless cuisines and cooking styles in the world. We live in a vast planet with so many cultures and so many ingredients to combine in characteristic menus that we could spend our whole life doing gastronomic tourism and we would never run out of new things to try. Enjoying traditional meals in the local style is a lot of fun, and a great sensorial experience. You taste, smell, feel, touch and get surrounded by a world that might be very different to yours, and that makes it very, very interesting.

There are places that are known worldwide for the quality of their cuisine. The world cuisine itself gives us a clue on where to look for great food, a great cooking style and, even, a great eating style. It’s France, of course. The best things to see in France are far beyond the typical tourist attractions like the Louvre or the Eiffel tower. Just as any other country, the real France hides behind touristic packages and international hotels.

French chefs are globally famous for their skills and their refinement, but that’s not all French food has to offer. Food lovers from all around the world travel to famous French places to try for themselves this famous, almost legendary cuisine. Because of course, you can go to a French restaurant in the United Kingdom, but chances are you will be trying a mere washed out version of what actual French food is like, with British cooks - who, to be honest, don’t really hold worldwide fame as skilled chefs - and local or frozen ingredients.

Eat real French food with Guest in the City

What is fantastic about Guest in the City is that you can book meals with French locals at their very homes. It’s as true of an experience as it can get. When you eat with locals, you can really capture the magic of what makes French food so famous. You can enjoy homemade meals by skilled French people and sit at their table, share conversation and do some cultural exchange while tasting dish after dish of one of the most renowned cuisines in the world. And all for a fraction of the price it would cost you at a restaurant, with the more artificial environment and much less interaction with actual French locals.

Food is no exception to this. The French people value their food, not only as a way to get rid of hunger, but as a wholesome social and sensorial experience. Of course the French enjoy their repas avec l habitant, and so would you. The ambiance, the physical place, the company, the timing, everything has a purpose of enjoyment and exchange. If you don’t eat a French dish, cooked by French people, in a French place where other French people use to dine, then you can’t say you have actually tried French food.

And this is where Guest in the City comes into play. This is a great website for France lovers because it puts travelers in contact with non-professional, local hosts who offer meals and/or accommodation in different places in the country.

Why choose Guest in the City 

In case you haven’t heard of it before, Guest in the City is a fantastic site for visitors who love France and would like to experience the real thing instead of going through the more or less staged circuit all other tourists go. Because let’s be honest, one thing is the actual reality of the country, and something very different is the "tourist-friendly" and commercialized spectacle built to attract people for the tourism industry. It’s among the narrow streets, uptown, in the countryside, or in small, hidden places at the center of Paris no tourist knows about. That’s where the French’s everyday life goes on, and if you are a true France lover, that’s exactly what you will want to experience. 

There is only one place where you can taste actual French food, by French people, and with a French atmosphere. And that, of course, is France. Click here to read more information about French food and eating habits. With this website, you can get a more real and authentic French experience for much less than the usual touristic package. Hosts are registered and other travelers leave feedback on them, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice and headed towards a great holiday time.

You can even book a combo of meal and accommodation and spend the night at that very French home, with its beautiful ambient only a French residence can offer. Book now on Guest and the City and get ready to know what real France feels like.

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