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Lisbon and Cascais are the top destinations according to many

Portugal – The beautiful European country

Europe has been consecutively voted to be the best and the most loved destinations for travelers. Europe is admired for the hospitality which it offers to its tourists every year.

Tourists come from all parts of the world to explore the European countries and also some famous cities! Portugal is one of the preferred holiday destinations in Europe and has tons of things to offer to tourists. Let’s check out more about Portugal.

You must have heard Portugal’s name even if you haven’t ever visited Europe (all thanks to the football clashes). It is a country located in the European continent and also is a part of Schengen countries.

Over the recent years Portugal has emerged as a great destination in Europe for all those who are looking to plan their next holidays in Europe. Lisbon and Cascais are the top destinations according to many and luckily they are both located in Portugal. Lisbon is the hilly capital of Portugal while Cascais is another coastal town just like Lisbon. 

If you plan a perfect vacation to Portugal then you can holiday like royalty in Cascais and Lisbon!

Top 10 Things to do in Lisbon

Explore the hidden beauties of Lisbon with these top 10 things to do in Lisbon which you must not miss if you are planning to visit Lisbon. It is recommended to do these things in groups, whether it is with family or friends to make the experience more enjoyable.


Take a ride in the Tram 28


Visit the Oceanarium

  Tram 28 is the prime mode of transport in Lisbon city whereby the tram runs right through the roads of the city. Do make sure to take a tram ride in order to explore the beautiful city, the people around, the buildings around and you can actually smell and feel Lisbon!   Oceanarium is the name of the European’s largest indoor aquarium which is located right in Lisbon. It is a huge aquarium with glass as high as tall rise buildings and the moment those big creature will come close to you, you will get goose bumps. Don’t forget to get clicked with the sharks here!


Tour the Belem Tower


National Tile Museum

  Belem Tower is the name of a historical tower which is built up on river Tagus in Lisbon’s coastal area. The tower can actually be climbed up to the top and offers breath taking views of the city from the top.   Fond of interiors and tiles? The National Tile Museum houses an exhibition of tiles all around you of different colors, designs and samples. It’s a nice presentation to witness.


Explore Cascais


Lisbon Art Fair

  Cascais is the neighboring town which is just 45 minutes away via train from Lisbon. It has a well laid coastal area and one can enjoy tons of things here. It is also called the summer play playground of Portugal.   If you are lucky enough to land in the month of October then do check out the Lisbon Art Fair where you will come across art, graphics, photography, illustrations, architecture and more from avid artists.


Visit the Lisbon Zoo


Explore the Navy Museum

  This zoo was found in the year 1884 and houses every type of animal ranging from giraffes to elephants. There are more than 2000 different animals and their species which one can see at the zoo.   Portugal had been a major trading hub since the sea root was found by Vasco da Gama. Navy museum is dedicated to all the major explorations which were made in Portugal. It is located in Belem city and is managed by the Portuguese Navy.


25 de Abril Bridge


Vasco da Gama Tower

  This 2.2 km long bridge stands 190 m in height on river Tagus and connects Lisbon with Almada city. A ride through this bridge offers spectacular view around. One can even take a halt and admire the blue water body around while feeling the cool breeze.   This tower is named after the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama. The skyscraper stands tall in river Tagus and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Its shape is much alike Canada’s CN tower!

This shows that truly Lisbon is Portugals hotspot and deserves a visit from you in you are ever in Portugal.

Food in Portugal

When it comes to the food in Portugal, Lisbon is often considered a café oriented place. So you will come across tons of café’s which will be serving drinks, food ranging from oriental, continental to Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. Apart from that family restaurants, pubs and bars also add to the range of food options which one has while exploring Lisbon and Cascasia.

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  • Lisbon and Cascais are the top destinations according to many

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