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Lisbon and Cascais are the top destinations according to many

Portugal – The beautiful European country

Europe has been consecutively voted to be the best and the most loved destinations for travelers. Europe is admired for the hospitality which it offers to its tourists every year.

Tourists come from all parts of the world to explore the European countries and also some famous cities! Portugal is one of the preferred holiday destinations in Europe and has tons of things to offer to tourists. Let’s check out more about Portugal.

You must have heard Portugal’s name even if you haven’t ever visited Europe (all thanks to the football clashes). It is a country located in the European continent and also is a part of Schengen countries. Read More...

Eat with French Locals thanks to Guest in the City

Food done right: the French style

There are countless cuisines and cooking styles in the world. We live in a vast planet with so many cultures and so many ingredients to combine in characteristic menus that we could spend our whole life doing gastronomic tourism and we would never run out of new things to try. Enjoying traditional meals in the local style is a lot of fun, and a great sensorial experience. You taste, smell, feel, touch and get surrounded by a world that might be very different to yours, and that makes it very, very interesting.

There are places that are known worldwide for the quality of their cuisine. The world cuisine itself gives us a clue on where to look for great food, a great cooking style and, even, a great eating style. It’s France, of course. The best things to see in France are far beyond the typical tourist attractions like the Louvre or the Eiffel tower. Just as any other country, the real France hides behind touristic packages and international hotels. Read More...

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