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The Big North

The European continent is a treasure chest full of marvels of all kinds. Our changing and somewhat chaotic history has shaped the nations of the present giving them very unique identities and a very strong will to exist. This is combined with countless geographical particularities to create one special place after the other. Our extremely rich and varied cultural heritage has generated so many different languages and dialects, architectural styles, cuisines, music and dances, festivals, clothing, art and mystical legends. Truly, Europe is a place to explore thoroughly. You could visit one place after the other, year after year, and there would always be something new to discover, a new tale to hear, a new sight to see, a new dish to taste. 

From the Mediterranean to the Arctic Circle, from the Asian borderline to the Atlantic coast, countless destinations await for those travelers who are always open to new experiences. Some of them are classic: Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Vienna, London, the Mediterranean coastline, the Spanish beaches. However, for those who don't have enough with typical holiday hotspots, there are so many other places to go that they will always find one that meets their expectations. Those who look for the best altrenative travel destinations should always take, at least once, a look northwards, for towards the Arctic Circle many wonders await to be discovered. Read More...

Lisbon and Cascais are the top destinations according to many

Portugal – The beautiful European country

Europe has been consecutively voted to be the best and the most loved destinations for travelers. Europe is admired for the hospitality which it offers to its tourists every year.

Tourists come from all parts of the world to explore the European countries and also some famous cities! Portugal is one of the preferred holiday destinations in Europe and has tons of things to offer to tourists. Let’s check out more about Portugal.

You must have heard Portugal’s name even if you haven’t ever visited Europe (all thanks to the football clashes). It is a country located in the European continent and also is a part of Schengen countries. Read More...

Book a Cookery Course in France with Guest in the City

The international food hunter

There are plenty of pleasures in life, but few top the undeniable possibilities of enjoyment eating has to offer. For those who know how to appreciate good food, sitting down - or standing up - to eat is a whole experience in itself. Because it's not only about the flavour. All your senses are stimulated with sensations. It's the texture, the temperature, the spice, the visual appeal... and the cultural and social experience different eating customs can provide. Variety and quality in meals is a true delight if you know how to pay attention to every single aspect of the experience.

For this reason, it is no wonder that food lovers sooner or later start travelling around the globe, looking for different cuisines and eating customs. They love to try restaurants, cafes, street shops, even find their ways to get invited to family tables here and there. The entire event is priceless for them, and they have so much fun with these tours.  Read More...


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